Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Weven hell

I have one other user ( my boss ) reporting that our program plays 15 out of 19 video thumbnails and plays them out of order. Now, this is different to the user who says it fails, or it works but with 19 out of order. The issue I have is, my code reads the files from a folder ( one line of code ), sorts them ( one line of code ), then assigns them as a datasource ( one line of code ). For this to fail, the list needs to lose it's sort order during the binding process, and the binding process needs to silently fail in mid stream. Of course, I cannot reproduce this. I am about to stress test my app by running an app at the same time that eats processor and HDD. So I wrote this app and copied it across on a memory stick, in a zip. I tried to use the unzip wizard, and I put my app inside program files, b.c I know there's all sorts of permissions issues I might hit otherwise.

The wizard tells me that it cannot create the folder and asks 'might it exist already ?'. Meaning, if it did, it would be an error, right ? So I try to create the folder myself to find out the error. Except after I gave admin permission it worked, and then the unzip wizard worked fine.

So, let's recap. Weven gave me an error and falsely told me what could have caused it. I created the exact situation that Weven told me would stop it from working, and then it worked. Anyone think they have this whole secure OS/permissions required thing worked out yet ?

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