Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More issues with permissions and VS2008

If you set up your app with a manifest so it runs as admin, VS can't run it, unless it is run as admin. It helpfully offers to run itself as admin. However, when it closes itself, if you have more than one instance open, it won't open the one that's running your program, necessarily. For me, it closed my website, opened a new instance that was showing my app, and still claimed it needed to run itself as admin. I edited my manifest, so I could build it and work on other things.

You need permission

I am working on an autoupdater, which, I know, means the first thing I need to test, is making it work to copy files in Windows 7. I run my exe inside the Program Files folder where I want my files copied. To copy the exe, I'm told I need admin rights. Now, I approve of all this new protection stuff, when it works. I try to copy an update, and get a 'you need permission to do this' error. The reason I could not copy it was, I was running it, and needed to close it. If Windows is going to lock me out of the file system, is it too much to ask that it tells me in a meaningful way what the issue is, instead of some generic rubbish ?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More stupid VS errors

As I've said before, my WPF project cannot show a designer as it gives a 'string is not a valid DateTime' error ( despite me having zero code that works with dates in any way ). So, today I created a property and decided to rename it. I tried to use the built in renaming function and got an error.

The file '' cannot be refactored. String was not recognised as a valid date time.

You'd think that Microsoft would have the money to pay developers to check before showing an error message like that.