Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More stupid VS errors

As I've said before, my WPF project cannot show a designer as it gives a 'string is not a valid DateTime' error ( despite me having zero code that works with dates in any way ). So, today I created a property and decided to rename it. I tried to use the built in renaming function and got an error.

The file '' cannot be refactored. String was not recognised as a valid date time.

You'd think that Microsoft would have the money to pay developers to check before showing an error message like that.

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  1. On CodeProject you said once, there are website which offer Microsoft Certification in your name. (They are taking the exams)

    I would be interested in such a site can you give me a link, or a search query which i can give in to google? (It woul) Couldn't find any of these sites?