Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Refactoring does not work

So, I wrote a method, with every intention of refactoring it to make it reusable at the end. Now I needed to change some stuff by hand because it passes the top level object in, if I have an object heirarchy. I don't mind that. However, because I had to change several values, it added a number of out parameters. The only issue with this is, all my values are only optionally modified. Therefore, the autogenerated code does not compile. The solution ? Just changing 'out' to 'ref'. Given that 'ref' code will compile where 'out' will not, why not just use 'ref' ?


  1. "I am using Office 2007 on XP" this is your comment in the previous post

    That is why I am using Microsoft Windows

    You found lot off buggs,errors.. etc but you are still using microsoft products.

    Microsft products are with poor people(technically poor..all technology should be like that)

  2. You should try CodeRush Express. It's not that bad at refactoring. At least a bit faster.

  3. I've tried a variety of add ins, but while the Whole Tomato offering for VC6 was vital, I've never found one for a .NET IDE that both adds real functionality and doesn't make the IDE unstable.