Friday, March 12, 2010

Windows Explorer Integration

I love how when I go to save or open a file, I can right click and I've got access to all sorts of other stuff. But, try this. Open a Word file. Let's call it letter.doc. Now, click on 'Save As'. The dialog opens. Click on letter.doc and press F2. Rename it to Letter Old.Doc. Now, the text will still say Letter.Doc, but when you click the 'Save' button, it says 'The document Letter Old.Doc already exists'. So, if I click save, does the file get overwritten, or not ? One way or the other, it's a bug.


  1. good news:

    - Vista's Notepad is fine; it renames, and saves to the file you tell it to.

    - on my system Word 2007 is fine too, it does not allow a rename of the current file; trying F2 within the save dialog seems to work until you click anywhere in the dialog to mark end of edit, and it pops a "file open" error.

    Which Word version are you referring to?