Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weven kills my app

So, I have a program which basically is just a video player. The main screen loads 19 small videos and plays them, you click one to play the whole thing in a bigger size. A client reported the videos are shown out of order ( this turned out not to be true ) and the app only runs once, and they have to reboot. Fact is, you need to start the app quickly when you boot, or it won't run. It gives a 'application is not responding' message, as far as I can tell, while some anti virus scans all the files. There ARE 19 of them, but they are VERY small. It seems to me that if windows is going to kill an application, it should do a better job of making sure the app is dead, instead of killing it.

Now, it IS true that my app works fine on Weven, so long as this anti virus is not present. But, it's not a great place to be in - 'my app works, but you have to remove your anti virus program'. I'm googling now for some way to tell Weven to give my app a bit more time to respond.


  1. CG,

    The title of this post should be, "anti virus program on Windows 7 kills my app".

    :-) Just sayin'.

  2. *grin* well, perhaps. But, the core fact is that the way Weven chooses to interact with my program, in a world full of virus scanners, is what is killing my app.

  3. Hey CG.

    I am using MediaElement in a Silverlight app. I recall you saying something regarding it requiring Windows Media Player 10. Any truth to that?

  4. I am not sure what version it requires, but it works fine in Vista, but in XP, the default WMP is not enough, if that helps. The app will just blow up if you don't update WMP in XP.

  5. Hey CG,

    Thanks for the tip. Here are my results:

    I downloaded the "XP Mode" Virtual Machine that runs XP on top of Weven. I tried out my little Silverlight 3 app, and it actually worked. So, a bare Windows XP machine, with IE6, no upgraded WMP, worked fine. That's encouraging.

    This is a little fun personal project of mine, my first real foray into Silverlight. It's a Messianic Jewish music player in the vein of Pandora. You can try it out here.