Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little thing...

When I create a new project in VS, it gives me two textboxes, one for a project name, and one for a folder. If I type in to the folder textbox, it autocompletes based on paths that exist. This is nice. When I get a list of folders that exist, if I select one and press 'enter', the OK button gets triggered and 'WindowsFormApp1' gets created in the location I chose. Surely the fact that it's the default, useless name, is a clue that I was entering the path first ?

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  1. I always create my project under a short path location such as "C:\vs2008". Obviously the VS designers never tested the usability of their defaults. If you use a short path, it is faster to type than the browse-to dialog.

    Then type the "Name/Solution Name" for your project and I always uncheck the "Create directory for solution" check box. This may seem obvious, but it took me a while to discover that there is an option available not to always create a project at least three levels deep in the folder tree. Now my project folder is nice and simple "C:\vs2008\myProject".

    Lastly, always save your sln in the "myProject" folder instead of the VS suggested location where you will never find it again.