Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MVC bread crumbs

Wow, is it a year since I posted here ? I just gave up posting, I still find things broken in MS products every day. At the moment I am working on an MVC website in VS 2010. The fun thing is that VS2010's web server blue screens my PC about 8 times a day. But that's not what I wanted to say. In MVC, there's XML files to set up site maps and related pages. These can then be iterated over to create links to related pages, and breadcrumbs. That's kind of groovy, although having to synch up a lot of XML files or your site blows up is very Javabeans IMO.

Now, we all know that XML is case sensitive. So, what does this mean ? It means when I create my own links to my pages in my site, if I don't get the case right, these features do not work. That's right - my pages render with no links to related pages and no bread crumbs. In other words, Microsoft have succeeded in making URLs case sensitive. Well done, Microsoft !!!


  1. So they've turned Windows.IIS/ into Unix/Apache/whatever.


  2. Urls have always been case sensitive due to unix filesystems...

  3. Sounds a bit like the early Mac OSX releases that were partially case sensitive...some things were, some things weren't.

    It made for hours of fun!

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