Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is just a little thing, and it's something that has since been fixed, but it kind of illustrates the lack of communication or thought between different parts of Microsoft teams. When I became an MVP, I was almost immediately whisked to a Microsoft summit. I believe VS2005 was in development at the time. During the summit, the person in charge of the VS IDE gave a presentation. I asked her at the time why it is that visual studio will create stub methods on a right click, so I can do


then right click and create a stub to then navigate to, to add this method, and the default method would throw a generic exception. The point being that a 'NotYetImplimentedException' existed in the framework and is what should be thrown here. She 'took a note'. However, this was not rectified in 2005 ( although I did get sent a nice paperweight that says 'thanks for helping us improve Visual Studio 2005', the fact is that not one bug I reported was corrected ). I believe it was fixed in VS2008, but the point is not so much that they didn't immediately make a tiny change to a product in development to make it act in a sane manner, it's the fact that they didn't do what I was suggesting in the first place. Like the issue with Visual Studio not working in Vista without setting it up to run as admin, or any number of other issues we all encounter, the problem is that the teams at Microsoft don't seem to talk to one another, don't seem to care about using the framework as a whole consistently, and don't seem to care about how their product will work in relation to the rest of the Microsoft product base.

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  1. I completely agree with you that they don't seem to care about how their product will work in relation to the rest of the MS product base...