Monday, October 26, 2009

Burning CDs or, why can't it just remember my preference ?

I am burning some installer DVDs using Vista. I put in a DVD, and it prompts me how I want to use the disc. I choose to burn with the file system. EVERY TIME I do this, it selects to do it using a format that lets me add files as I go, despite my EVERY TIME selecting to do a 'master' burn so it's more likely to work on other machines. And of course, it HIDES the options, which is why I forget from time to time that they exist. I have to expand the list and select the same option EVERY time, or I lose a disc and some time.

I've lost several discs to forgetting this little wrinkle. Why can't it just remember that I have NEVER willingly burned a DVD this way, I've only ever done it accidentally, pressed cancel, found that cancel does nothing, and waited to throw the disc out ? It's bad enough that search in Vista is fundamentally useless, that UAC makes the machine unusable ( and I can't turn it off b/c I need to use it to test for our vanilla users ), and so on, but surely Microsoft, who make their living on average products that copy other ideas but improve the UI, can make a UI that remembers how I like to burn DVDs ?

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