Saturday, January 23, 2010


Does VS have any sort of autosave feature ? I'm not sure, but it should if it doesn't. I just added a window to my application. I got the usual message in the designer about not being able to parse a value into a DateTime. The only place my code uses any DateTime values, is in the Licensing, which is turned off by a macro in debug builds, and is not in any way called by anything that relates to the vanilla window I just created. I attached a second instance of VS to try to debug this message, but it doesn't catch it. So, if any of my code is causing this ( and it surely must be ), it is in a way far too esoteric and bizarre to be something that I could ever hope to debug and resolve. So, I spent an hour working on code, then I checked my mail, and got a debugger message that visual studio had crashed. All my work is lost. I guess I should hit save every few minutes, knowing how unstable Visual Studio is, but it's always a hard lesson to learn, that I expected it to be able to sit idle for a moment, and it just couldn't do it.


  1. Hi Christian,

    there is an Autorecover section under the Tools/Options/Environment menu. Not sure what it does excactly...


  2. *grin* well, the only thing worse than realising you had no backup, is thinking you had one, then finding it was useless. I will check it out tho, thanks.

  3. It definitely has an AutoRecovery feature because prior to a SP it spent minutes updating the cache!