Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vista is stupid

Two things I noticed today. First of all, if I copy a file onto a memory stick, it checks if there's enough space for the file BEFORE working out if it's going to be overwriting an existing file. So it tells me I don't have enough space, until I manually delete the old copy that I wanted to overwrite.

The other thing, which has annoyed me forever, is that the details view in explorer seems to always default to a view that's designed for media files, even if there are none in the folder. So when I do a search, I get a view that shows me Artist, Album, Genre, as if the only thing I'd ever search for is mp3s. I was searching for a .cfg file, as it happens. The date the file was modified, which is to me the thing I need most when I search for a file, as I'll often find many copies and want the latest one, is not there. Sure, I can right click and add it, and I do, EVERY TIME, but why not remember my preference, or give me a sane preference, based on the type of files found perhaps ?

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