Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why can't I drag and drop a csproj file ?

I was reminded again today that if I drag and drop a sln or csproj file onto the main window of VS2008, I get a message box saying that I am not allowed to do that.  It doesn 't even open File/Open for me, just tells me I need to do it.  Why ? I can't think of any reason for them to insert a message box instead of a jump to the code that opens a project ( with a prompt if they would feel better that way ).  Whose smart idea was that ? It's just a pain.


  1. Hi Christian,

    I can drop a solution on several panes (start page, output, error list, ..., but not the solution pane) in VS C# 2008 Express; project files are not welcome anywhere.


  2. Hmmm - perhaps the rationale is that they can't know if you want to open the project in the current solution or as a new solution ( not that I had one open ). Why they can't prompt the user to find out, would be the real mystery.

    When I tried a csproj, I remembered that it does not work. I should have tested a sln before posting.

  3. As Luc noted, dropping a solution file works, tested it here. Dropping a proj file doesn't.

  4. Double-clicking a csproj file opens Visual Studio (If it is closed), THEN tells you it cannot open :p