Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome, one and all

So, after years of resistance ( apart from a brief dalliance with a music blog ), I am blogging. Why ? Well, I was a Microsoft MVP for three years ( I was kicked out for not liking Microsoft Vista ), and I was assured at the start of that experience that I now had an inside track to report issues with Microsoft, etc. I have found many bugs in Microsoft products, before, during and since. What is consistent in all my experiences is that reporting bugs means they either claim they can't reproduce ( although usually I press on until they accept the issue ), tell me it's a feature, or just plain don't fix it. So, I'm going to blog about the bugs I've found in Microsft frameworks, particularly C# and WPF, because that's what I tend to use nowadays, but, I'll be bringing stuff up that I reported in the past, so there will be other C# stuff as well. The idea is not to have a mindless bash at Microsoft, it's to report real issues in their frameworks, and, where possible, to report workarounds, so that hopefully I'll find readers from people who google the same error messages, and are looking for solutions. That's assuming anyone googles anymore, reading programming forums sometimes makes me wonder if that is true.

So, that's my statement of intent. I have a few decent issues in mind already, but I doubt I'll come up with an issue a day ( it's not THAT bad, bad as it can be ), but we'll see how long I can keep it up.

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